Movie Watch: Student Seduction

I disliked a lot of things about this movie, but let’s start with the title. “Student Seduction”? There was no seduction involved, just a violent, rape-y ass kid preying on students and teachers alike. While that’s fine as a premise, trying to make it sound sexy is misleading and gross.

Another gross thing was the husband. He spends at least half the movie trying to pressure Elizabeth Berkley’s character into getting pregnant, only to be dismissive of (or annoyed by) her feelings on the matter. Of course, that would be fine if he was portrayed as a villain/antagonist, but he isn’t. His shitty behavior is supposedly okay because he’s a “good” guy.

When she does end up pregnant? Everyone (including her) is thrilled about it. WTF?

Look, I get that this movie is from 2003. Different times, different standards and all that. But 2003 isn’t 1950 either. This was a woman who clearly and emphatically stated that she wasn’t ready to have a baby, which was treated as irrelevant. IMO, a much more satisfying conclusion would’ve included a.) getting an abortion, and b.) divorcing her trashbag husband.

Instead, all we got was her clearing her name, and even that was unsatisfying. The movie never shows the kid actually getting punished for multiple rapes/attempted rapes. It’s just implied by her returning to her classroom and one of his other victims being in a better mood.

All in all? Not the worst Lifetime movie I’ve ever seen, but definitely not the best. I’d sum it up as mediocre/vaguely annoying.




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