Movie Watch: Stalked at 17

I was obsessed with Lifetime movies in the 90s/early 00s, but I haven’t watched one since I got rid of cable about a decade ago. Damn, I’d forgotten how much I love them. The drama! The suspense! The slight edge of cheesiness that is always present, no matter how much their production values have improved over the years.

This movie in particular? Fucking fantastic. Yeah, the plot might’ve been predictable, but you know what? Lifetime movies aren’t about plot twists. They’re all about satisfaction, which is particularly true when it comes to my favorite trope. Crazy, obsessive dude targets hapless victim? There’s nothing I love more than seeing that guy get kicked in the proverbial nuts.

Obviously, I need to watch more Lifetime movies. Judge me if you want, but I find them way more entertaining than the average Oscar-winning film.




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