Movie Watch: Dark Shadows

While I love classic Johnny Depp/Tim Burton collaborations (i.e. Edward Scissorhands), I haven’t liked most of the newer stuff (post 2000). That’s why I didn’t see Dark Shadows when it came out… I still hadn’t forgiven them for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

10 years (and a very persistent Netflix recommendation) later, I decided to give them another chance. I’m so glad I did, because I loved this movie. Granted, it was no cinematic masterpiece, but I was thoroughly entertained. It hit my Burton/Depp sweet spot – dark, brooding, and self-aware, underscored with just the right amount of campy humor. I also loved the soundtrack and Alice Cooper cameo – the latter in particular was a nice surprise.

My only complaint? I wish Johnny Depp had shown more emotional depth, though that has more to do with him as an actor than this particular movie. He’s lost a lot of softness/sensitivity over the years, which used to be my favorite thing about his performances.

That said, I did like his character. His chemistry with Michelle Pfeiffer was particularly good.




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