Movie Watch: Cyberstalker

I’ve always hated the way people trash Lifetime movies. Sure, some of them are crap, but others (like this one) are legitimately good. Mischa Barton does an excellent job in her role as the main character, and the mystery (i.e. “who is the cyber stalker?”) was full of fascinating (and often frightening) twists and turns. When the real villain was exposed, I gasped out loud. It really was the last person I would’ve suspected, which is exactly what I want in a suspense movie.

Other things I loved:

  • Mischa Barton’s wardrobe, especially the black dress she wore to her art exhibit.
  • The guy she ends up dating is super hot.
  • Surprise Dan Levy appearance!

Needless to say, I really enjoyed this one. Would definitely recommend!




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